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Pasaje (Boarg Pass) 2009
This is a shortfilm I made on 2009. It's been a long time and it hasn't come officially out yet... It's been around festival back on 2009. Check out this awesome review made by reviewer Brad Schreiber at Palms Springs Short fest 2009.

Produced by: Studio 51
Directed By: Ana Clavell
Story by: Justina Díaz
Screenplay by: Ana Clavell, Yarim Machado, Eduardo Veguilla & Carola Gonzalez.
Animation/Design by: Yarim Machado & Eduardo Veguilla.

* If your'e interested in seeing the film contact me at and if eligible I will grant you access.

Dirección: Christian Suau, Ramiro Millán
País(es): Puerto Rico
Productora: Buena Onda, Ltd., Tangram Films
Guión: Christian Suau, Ramiro Millán
Producción: Donald K. Ranvaud, Silvio Sardi
Fotografía: Willie Berríos
Edición: Christian Suau
Música: Juan Covarrubias
Sonido: Manuel Rivera, Justo Monzón, Antonio Fornaris, Heriberto Rosas
Animador: Yarim Machado
Año de producción: 2008

This is a documentary about the penitentiary called Oso Blanco located in Puerto Rico. I was responsible for all the animation flash back sequences. I feel very fortunate to be part of this project and to be able to work with fantastic people like Christian Suau and Ramiro Millán. Here is an awesome review of the film. Click to enlarge.


My work was featured twice in the main page of

Cubo (2003)
This is my student graduation Short Film in 2004.

Many thanks to Juanma for enduring  working  on this crazy short film. Juanma did an excelent job as the only actor of the short.
The film won third price at Nalip Film Slam  2006. And was an official selection at 2007 Short Fest.

A man is born in the middle of nothingness. Surrounded by complete darkness he walks towards the light to seek for the truth of his existence. He finds an object with the shape of a Cube witch will grant him knowledge. As he begins to discover the meaning of his existence with this object, another man appears in the very same time and space seeking for his personal truth, but there is only one Cube. Will they share this knowledge and power of knowing, or will this unfold a conflict between these two creatures?


Da Zoo Music Video
I was responsible of all the visual effects and composting on this music video. Quite a challenge, it had to be done around two weeks, but I managed to pull it off.
Directed by: Christian Suau
Cinematography by: WIllie Berrios
Produced by: Tangran Films

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